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The private rental sector is an increasingly challenging area to operate within. With new legislation and licensing conditions, what a landlord needs to comply with can vary due to the type of tenant being accommodated and which London borough the rental property is located in.


We recognise the challenges and our services are designed to help.


As one of our valued clients you will have access to:


  • Our comprehensive range of services, with our leading-edge management package

  • Keep up to date on social media and through our networking events (coming soon)

  • Subscribe to our updates via email (coming soon)

  • MEES (Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard) comes in Spring 2018, which requires low rated properties to be improved to an E or better. Our new product Green Energy Efficiency will provide the complete solution for review, install and management process of:

    • Loft insulation

    • Boiler

    • Boiler controls

    • Double glazing

    • Solid wall insulation

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